Manage Your Special Education Program's Daily Operations, With Ease.

Streamline Schools is an online application designed to help optimize your education program's daily operations and enable you to work smarter:

  • Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on what's most important: your students and your program
  • Collect and track tons of data throughout your organization — from students, to your staff and administrators
  • Collaborate more efficiently with other stakeholders – both within and outside of your organization

See Streamline In Action

Would you like to see a personalized demo of the Streamline software? Contact us and we'll be happy to arrange a free guided demonstration of the Streamline platform for you and your team!

What Streamline Can Help You With

Student Management
free with every account

Student management is fully built-into all Streamline accounts. It's a breeze to manage your various classes – or "troops" as they're called in Streamline – and the students within them. Adding new students and updating existing students' information is done in seconds.

And with just a few clicks, you can also give parents and guardians access to view their own students' progress within Streamline!

Student Progress Tracker

Does your program have a level system, where your students receive points or merits throughout the day and advance through various stages or levels?

The Student Progress Tracker module will help you automate that entire process – from logging daily progress to viewing progress reports and tracking your students' progression over time. And you can also add custom notes to gather valuable information from your staff on the floor.

Incident Tracker

Do you log incidents throughout the day – difficult moments, interventions, crisis events, physicals managements, or the like?

The Incident Tracker module will help you streamline the necessary process of documenting and tracking your program's daily incidents and allow you to view data to see how things are changing and improving day-to-day.

Electronic Forms
free with every account

Are you tired of filling out and keeping track of boatloads of physical paperwork?

The Forms module lets you translate any of your organization's existing forms into Streamline electronic forms. Streamline electronic forms automatically store all your completed forms and their data, keeping all your information safe and in one place.

Additionally, all of the data from your forms can later be retrieved and visualized via the Reports module, providing valuable insights.

Comprehensive Reports
free with every account

Data is so important and extremely useful – it can help guide your organization's decision-making and positively impact your students' overall experience.

Streamline's reporting system will allow you to view data on your students' across all modules, presented in easily-consumable formats, complete with extensive visual chart and graph options.

And all reports are fully customizable, so you can craft reports for various meetings – whether they're internal, with parents, or with other outside stakeholders.

The Dashboard
brand new!free with every account

The Dashboard is an integrated, at-a-glance screen that will provide you with a summary of the most important things happening around your program.

Think of it as a one-stop-shop for up-to-date information and happening on all of your Students. Whatever you should be seeing and should know about, as an administrator, will be included on your Dashboard.

And best of all, the Dashboard will be built into all Streamline accounts and incorporate data from all of your modules, for no extra cost.

Classes, Grades, & Goals
brand new!

Do your students receive grades? Streamline's Grades module lets you set up your own, customized grading structure and keep track of all your students grades and goals, across multiple classes, all in one easy-to-manage, easy-to-view location.

It also lets you generate beautiful report cards and share them with any stakeholders involved in the student's success.

brand new!

With Streamline's Attendance module, you can easily designate when your students are at school or absent and add notes with any additional, related pieces of information.

And viewing that attendance data can help you detect any patterns in absences at a glance and act on them before they become a larger issue.

Referral Management coming soon

Are your students ever referred to you via outside sources – or do you ever need to transition your own students to other outside programs?

The Referral Management module will help you greatly refine the referral process, allowing you to effectively communicate and exchange information and documents – such as IEPs, reports, schoolwork, medication information – with outside parties to make the transition process as painless as possible.

Team Member Logistics coming soon

Do you have a lot of team members that potentially need to be in different places – depending on absences, coverage requirements, or otherwise?

The Team Member Logistics module will help you track, in real-time, all of your staff members who are available and alert you to where additional coverage might be required ... so you aren't left wondering and hoping it all just works out.

Education Benefits

Collect and Utilize Student Data

When you're using Streamline, you'll constantly be collecting new, useful qualitative and quantitative data from multiple sources: your students, your staff, and your administrators.

You can then use that data to track, for example: dates of jumps in students' progress; reports on student and staff interactions over time; milestones in students' behavioral and social-emotional development. And you can also use it to aid in the development of things such as functional behavior analyses, behavior intervention plans, and responses to intervention.

Minimize Administrative Tasks

As an administrator, your time is particularly precious and frequently exhausted. With Streamline's Dashboard, you can always get an at-a-glance picture of your program, which can be used to help you connect with and support families and other parties.

Your other team members are also likely responsible for tasks such as IEP and progress report development – and, in these regards, Streamline will help them use their time most effectively.

Collaborative Approach

Streamline's collaborative approach makes it easy to interact with other organizations as well as obtain and provide crucial information to outside parties, such as social workers, occupational therapists, clinicians, and speech pathologists.

And this collaboration makes things like tracking and improving upon goals as efficient as ever before.

Give Parents Access

We also provide built-in support for you to give parents or guardians to access and view their own students' progress – leading to parent investment and increased family involvement.

Imagine the time savings and communication improvements that would come when you provide parents with access to the same data you use yourself.

Additional Services

Concierge Rollout

We'll enter all of your existing Students into the Streamline platform for you — completely free of charge — so that getting started is as easy as can be.

Staff Training

With your Streamline subscription, we also provide you with a free 1-hour training, where we'll train your staff on the use of the system so its integration into your organization is as seamless as possible.

Online training videos are also in the works and will be consistently added over time.

Unlimited Teams

Do you run multiple programs that each have their own distinct requirements — say, one at an elementary school and one at a high school? In Streamline, you're free to create as many "teams" as you'd like manage your organization's various programs.

Handcrafted By Education + Technology Experts

Together, we built Streamline based on shortcomings experienced firsthand across various different education systems and programs.

We strongly feel that there is a great deal of room for improvement when it comes to education program operations, and that technology can be used to make existing processes much more efficient and let staff and administrators pour the majority of their attention back into what's most important: the students.

Alex Coleman, B.S. – Teacher & Technology Specialist Alex Coleman, B.S. Technology Specialist & Teacher at Heart

Alex is a teacher at heart, as well as an opportunity-seeker and custom software developer. For the past decade, he's dove deep into both education and technology — creating many custom online software solutions while also teaching others how to code.

Lynn Coleman, Ed.D. – Counseling Psychologist & Education Specialist Lynn Coleman, Ed.D. Counseling Psychologist & Education Specialist

Lynn is a licensed Psychologist with over a decade of experience that spans across many different types of programs — from residential schools, to community mental health centers, and now in a groundbreaking special education organization.

Boots – Team Mascot Boots, (no degree) Team Mascot

While Alex & Lynn are working hard, Boots can typically be found nearby, maxing and relaxing to the fullest. What a nice specialty to be known for, huh?

See Streamline In Action

Would you like to see a personalized demo of the Streamline software? Contact us and we'll be happy to arrange a free guided demonstration of the Streamline platform for you and your team!